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Scroll down the list of courses in alphabetic order below, or click here to search for a course by topic. If the course you were looking for is not showing please contact Workforce Development as we may be able to provide it.

Reference Course
00184 A Practical Approach to Performing an ECG in adults [view details]
00311 Adult Venepuncture : A Practical Approach [view details]
00301 Assessors Course for Health Care Support Workers [view details]
00244 Assistant Practitioner Community Nursing Caseload Management Training [view details]
00160 Basic life support with Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Awareness and Anaphylaxis [view details]
00183 Beds Package (including Safe Use of Bed rails) [view details]
00438 Beds Package UPDATE (including Safe use of Bed Rails) [view details]
00260 Blood Pressure in Adults: Recognising Problems [view details]
00230 Breast Feeding and Relationship Building Training [view details]
00332 Clinical Skills : Blood Pressure [view details]
00483 Clinical Skills : Observations [view details]
00113 Conflict Resolution Introduction [view details]
00377 Continence - Catheter Half Day Update Training [view details]
00123 Continence - Catheter Management & Male Catheterisation (1 day) [view details]
00118 Continence - Constipation & Faecal Incontinence for Qualified Staff [view details]
00119 Continence – Continence for Care Staff (1 day) [view details]
00121 Continence - Information Gathering & Bladder Scanning for Care Staff [view details]
00120 Continence - Management of Incontinence for Qualified Staff [view details]
00206 Continence - Paediatric Training [view details]
00096 Datix/RCA training for Pressure Ulcer Investigators [view details]
00240 Display Screen Equipment Training [view details]
00106 Emergency First Aid at Work [view details]
00410 End of Life Care – New Starter Training [view details]
00148 End of Life Care: Principles into Practice for Non-Qualified Staff (2-day) [view details]
00288 End of Life Care: Principles into Practice For Qualified Staff (4 Days) [view details]
00159 Equality & Diversity [view details]
00333 Fire Marshal Training [view details]
00126 Fire Safety Training (3 Yearly Update) [view details]
00400 Health and Safety [view details]
00255 Health Checks in Adults [view details]
00216 HealthCare Support worker Development Programme [view details]
00100 Healthy Relationship Toolkit Training [view details]
00302 HV Children''''''''s Services SystmOne Record Keeping Training [view details]
00477 HV Staff Training - Perinatal Mental Health Training [view details]
00479 HV Staff Training - Preceptorship for the Newly Qualified HV''''''''s [view details]
00467 Hypertension [view details]
00450 Infection Prevention and Control - Children''''s Services [view details]
00455 Infection Prevention and Control - Community Nursing (adults) [view details]
00257 Information Governance (Face to Face) [view details]
00186 Learning Disability Introduction [view details]
00129 Managing Health and Sickness Training [view details]
00187 Manual Handling Awareness - Minimal Patient Contact [view details]
00167 Manual Handling Awareness (M&H) Object & Patient (Practical) [view details]
00401 Manual Handling Awareness (M&H) Object & Theory [view details]
00307 Medicines Management - General Medicines Administration and Controlled Drugs for Carers in Care Homes (Non-CityCare Staff within Nottingham City CCG area only) [view details]
00449 Medicines Management: Session A - Safe Medicines Reconciliation and MAR chart writing [view details]
00448 Medicines Management: Session B - Safe Medicines Administration [view details]
00146 Mental Capacity and Consent to Treatment [view details]
00235 Moving & Handling - Equipment Specific [view details]
00256 Non Medical Prescribing Forum (NMP) [view details]
00297 Nursing Associates - Person Centred Supported Self Care for Older People With Frailty [view details]
00208 Nutritional Problems in Infants [view details]
00181 Parental Mental Health Update [view details]
00386 Pensions Workshop [view details]
00322 Perinatal Mental Health Awareness for Nursery Nurses [view details]
00312 Perinatal Mental Health Training for Community Staff Nurses [view details]
00298 Person Centred Supported Self Care for Older People With Frailty [view details]
00149 Policy Writers Workshop [view details]
00093 Prevent Training [view details]
00372 RCA (Root cause analysis) Toolkit training [view details]
00204 Recognising The Deteriorating Patient & Recognising Sepsis [view details]
00398 Record Keeping [view details]
00379 Recruitment Process and Techniques [view details]
00325 Restorative Supervision [view details]
00309 Restorative Supervision refresher session for supervisors [view details]
00170 Retirement: Preparation for [view details]
00419 Revalidation for Registered Nurses [view details]
00421 Revalidation: The Role of the Confirmer [view details]
00239 Risk Assessment Training (Clinical and Non-Clinical combined) [view details]
00195 Safeguarding - Making an Effective Referral Masterclass [view details]
00203 Safeguarding - Medical Neglect Masterclass [view details]
00189 Safeguarding - Self Neglect [view details]
00190 Safeguarding - Working with Non-Engagement [view details]
00267 Safeguarding Mandatory Training [view details]
00217 Safeguarding: Bite Size - Understanding the role men play in safeguarding (Hidden males) [view details]
00188 Safeguarding: Children & Adults (Think Family) - Level 1 [view details]
00172 Safeguarding: Domestic Abuse and the Impact on Children [view details]
00261 Safeguarding: Honor Based Abuse and Forced Marriage [view details]
00295 Sexual Health - Broken Dreams (CSE Training) [view details]
00429 Sexual Health - Same or Different - Addressing Sexual Health Needs of diverse BME Communities [view details]
00428 Sexual Health - Up4It: Young people and sexual health [view details]
00427 Sexual Health - Young People, Pornography and the Internet [view details]
00284 Signs of Safety: Working With Families [view details]
00473 Solihull Introduction Training (School Nurses & Health Visitors) [view details]
00472 Solihull Update Training (School Nurses & Health Visitor Only) [view details]
00245 Supporting Staff Through Change [view details]
00207 Tissue Viability - Compression Bandage Competency Training [view details]
00227 Tissue Viability - Microlife Doppler Competency Training [view details]
00241 Tissue Viability - VAC Workshops [view details]
00384 Tissue Viability: Braden Competencies [view details]
00283 Tissue Viability: Hoisery and Wraps [view details]
00409 Tissue Viability: Leg Ulcer Management - New Starters and Assistant Practitioners [view details]
00154 Tissue Viability: Leg Ulcer Management for RGNs [view details]
00155 Tissue Viability: Preventing Pressure Ulcers with SSKIN [view details]
00157 Tissue Viability: Wound Management [view details]
00243 TNA Training Days [view details]
00370 Trans Awareness [view details]
00296 Understanding Unconscious Bias – What Next? [view details]
00265 Urine Testing & Analysis [view details]
00349 Using MUST to identify and manage undernutrition in the community [view details]
00180 V100 update training [view details]