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Scroll down the list of courses in alphabetic order below, or click here to search for a course by topic. If the course you were looking for is not showing please contact Workforce Development as we may be able to provide it.

Mandatory Training

Reference Course
00257 Data Security Awareness - Level 1 [view details]
00126 Fire Safety Training (2 Yearly Update) [view details]
00167 Moving and Handling - Level 2 Patient and Object (Practical) [view details]
00160 Resuscitation Level 2 - Adult and Paediatric Basic Life Support [view details]
00547 Safeguarding: Adults Level 2 & 3 - (ALL CLINICAL STAFF) [view details]
00549 Safeguarding: Children Level 2 - All Clinical Staff (Adult Services) [view details]
0000 Safeguarding: Children Level 2 (Non-Clinical) Top up Session MS teams [view details]
00175 Safeguarding: Children Level 3 - CLINICAL STAFF (Children's Services) [view details]
00176 Safeguarding: Domestic Abuse & Violence - ALL CLINICAL STAFF [view details]
00146 Safeguarding: MCA & Consent to Treatment - ALL CLINICAL STAFF [view details]
00188 Safeguarding: Think Family Basic – Adults Level 1, Children's Level 1&2 and Domestic Abuse (NON-CLINICAL STAFF). [view details]

Essential Training

Reference Course
00142 0-19 BEST START - R.E.A.D.Y School Ready Review 0-19 Services [view details]
00545 0-19 Children’s Nursing Service - ASQ [view details]
00544 0-19 Children’s Nursing Service - Child Development [view details]
00546 0-19 Children’s Nursing Service - Introduction to Behaviour Change [view details]
00520 0-19 Children’s Services Record Keeping training for New Starters: Clinical Facing Staff (Bands 2-7) [view details]
00521 0-19 Childrens Services Record Keeping Training Update (THREE YEARLY) [view details]
00568 0-19 Continence Programme of Care [view details]
00555 0-19 Contraception & Sexual Health SOP Training [view details]
00551 0-19 First Foods and Chocking Management Training [view details]
00489 0-19 Nursing Service: Brief Intervention: Smoking Cessation & Smoking in Pregnancy: Ask-Advise-Act [view details]
00565 2 Year SOP Training [view details]
00571 6 Steps to Insulin [view details]
00136 Acumatica Best Practice - Admin Training [view details]
00103 Advanced Moving & Handling [view details]
00138 Bed Rail Training [view details]
00582 Behaviour Programme of Care - Pathway [view details]
00583 Breakaway Conflict Training [view details]
00230 Breast Feeding & Relationship Building training - 2 day [view details]
00385 Breast Feeding Update Training [view details]
00334 Care Certificate - workshop 1 [view details]
00336 Care Certificate - workshop 2 [view details]
00335 Care Certificate - workshop 3 [view details]
00539 C-Card Training [view details]
00517 Clinical Observations in Adults [view details]
00123 Continence - Catheter Full Day (1 day) [view details]
00377 Continence - Catheter Update Training (1/2 Day) [view details]
00120 Continence - Day 1: Management of Incontinence for Qualified Staff [view details]
00118 Continence - Day 2: Constipation & Faecal Incontinence for Qualified Staff [view details]
00541 Continence - Promotion & Information Gathering for APs [view details]
00522 Dealing with difficult telephone calls [view details]
00112 Diabetes - What You Really Need to Know [view details]
00512 Effective Leadership Training [view details]
00106 Emergency First Aid at Work - 1 day [view details]
00410 End of Life Care – New Starter Training [view details]
00148 End of Life Care: Principles into Practice for Non-Qualified Staff (2-day) [view details]
00288 End of Life Care: Principles into Practice For Qualified Staff (4 Days) [view details]
00290 Growth Training [view details]
00577 Healthy Lifestyles Programme of Care [view details]
00450 Infection Prevention & Control: Specific Infection - Children’s Services [view details]
00455 Infection Prevention & Control: Specific Infections & ANTT - Adult Services [view details]
00518 Lateral Transfer Training [view details]
00495 Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool training [view details]
00487 Managing Difficult Conversations [view details]
00580 MARF Training for Children & Young People's Practitioners [view details]
00494 Medicines Management - Controlled Drugs & Patch Training [view details]
00471 Medicines Management - Essential training [view details]
00569 Mental Health SOP training 0-5 [view details]
00208 Nutritional Problems in Infants [view details]
00553 Practice Assessor Training [view details]
00552 Practice Supervisor Training [view details]
00559 Practice Supervisor/Practice Assessor update [view details]
00536 Preceptorship Development Programme [view details]
00492 Recognising Sepsis in Children [view details]
00204 Recognising the Deteriorating Patient & Recognising Sepsis [view details]
00523 Safeguarding: Contextual Safeguarding [view details]
00428 Sexual Health - Up4It2: Young people and sexual health [view details]
00525 Sexual Health - Young People and Online Risk [view details]
00508 Shock Pack Training - safe use in Anaphylaxis [view details]
00572 Sleep Programme of Care for Children and Young People Practitioner and Community Public Health Nurses [view details]
00556 Solihull Approach Overview (0-19 Nursing Service) [view details]
0091 SystmOne Training for New Starters [view details]
00207 Tissue Viability - Compression Bandage Competency Workshop [view details]
00557 Tissue Viability - MESI Doppler Workshop [view details]
00155 Tissue Viability - Pressure Ulcer Prevention [view details]
00215 Tissue Viability - Pressure Ulcer Prevention UPDATE [view details]
00384 Tissue Viability: Braden Competencies [view details]
00503 Tissue Viability: Induction Day [view details]
00531 Tissue Viability: Lower limb assessment - Part 1 [view details]
00532 Tissue Viability: Lower limb assessment - Part 2 [view details]
00533 Tissue Viability: Lower limb ulcer reassessment for APs [view details]
00527 Tissue Viability: Pressure Relieving equipment workshops [view details]
00528 Tissue Viability: Pressure ulcer categorisation competencies [view details]
00530 Tissue Viability: Topical Negative Pressure Wound Therapy & VAC [view details]
00157 Tissue Viability: Wound Assessment and Management [view details]
00529 Tissue Viability: Wound care product workshops [view details]
00311 Venepuncture (Adult): A Practical Approach [view details]
00505 Vitamin B12 Training [view details]

Advanced Training

Reference Course
00554 Falls Prevention Assessment Training [view details]
00333 Fire Warden Training [view details]
00143 Introduction to Finance [view details]
00561 Literature searching practical workshop [view details]
00129 Managing Health & Sickness [view details]
00256 Non-Medical Prescribing (NMP) Forum [view details]

Personal and/or Professional Development Training

Reference Course
00137 Active Chairing [view details]
00579 AHPs Day Celebration Event [view details]
00570 Appraisal Skills Training for Appraisers [view details]
00110 Assertiveness [view details]
00104 Clinical Supervision training [view details]
00507 Cultural Awareness Training [view details]
00584 Cultural Competence – Big Conversations [view details]
00570 HCPC Standards Update IROS [view details]
00543 Management Training Programme [view details]
00231 Minutes Made Easy (Online) [view details]
00560 Physiotherapy Apprenticeship Workshop [view details]
00574 Planning for Retirement [view details]
00558 Preceptor Network [view details]
00573 Recruitment and Selection Training [view details]
00107 The Resilient Manager [view details]
00576 Understanding your Pension Changes [view details]
00575 Your Financial Wellbeing Inc NHS Pensions [view details]